No either-or

A passion for academic excellence

Across NHEHS, we offer exceptional educational opportunities for girls of all ages, from Reception through to Sixth Form. All girls, whatever their age, benefit from our “no either-or” ethos, where academic ambition happily coexists with a supportive and empowering atmosphere.

Beyond the classroom

We pride ourselves on building the foundations that are central to an enjoyable and successful life in school, and beyond. When students are happy, confident and excited by challenges, they can make the most of the opportunities available to them and achieve their potential.


Senior School, Year 12

“I like that it isn’t weird to really love maths, which is my favourite subject. Plus when we did our DofE, the teachers who came along made us laugh, it was great to have the shared experience.”


Senior School, Year 13

“Our teachers believe in us and genuinely want us to get the results that we deserve and can be proud of, but we have fun along the way.”

Senior School of the Year 2021

EXCELLENT in all areas in the ISI Inspection Report 2022

Independent Girls’ School of the Year 2020


Stories and updates from around the school and beyond. Including everything from exceptional academic achievement to celebrations of creativity and our can-do spirit.

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