All pupils should have access to the curriculum and make the greatest possible progress irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or disability. We value all children equally, and we also recognise and value their differences. Our aim is that all adults and children in our school acknowledge, respect and appreciate the diversity within the school, the community and in society as a whole. We aim to educate children to take their place in a multicultural and multi-faceted society, recognising and valuing the contribution of others. We aim to promote self-esteem in all pupils. We will help all children to understand the importance of each individual’s contribution to society regardless of race, beliefs, gender, disability or social background. We aim to overcome prejudices and stereotyping, in the ethos of our school and in our teaching of a balanced and differentiated curriculum these have no place.

We aim to:
  • Give students a strong historic and cultural education, which allows them to sense their place in the world, and the place of others.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding about different races, religions, disabilities, sharing people’s lived experiences.
  • Teach tolerance, equality, and why discrimination is wrong, and to promote good values in students.
  • Develop a curriculum where diversity is normal; embedded; integrated; constant
  • Ensure that staff understand the importance of British values, and how to be sensitive to race and other protected characteristics.
  • Empower students and train staff to be able to talk about diversity by being able to acknowledge the complexity of the subject and how to respond to others.
  • Inspire students to take action in a meaningful way both in school, in our community and in life beyond NHEHS.

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