Outstanding results to help you decide you next steps beyond NHEHS.

group of girl students socialising in sixth form centre

Our Sixth Formers achieve outstanding results in public examinations. They go on to study a variety of subjects at a broad range of institutions both in the UK and abroad.

Most importantly, it is about what is right for you, the right university and course, a leading apprenticeship scheme, a gap year to broaden your horizons or an internship to gain work experience. We will support you to make the right choice.

A Level Results 2023



28% of entries at A*



68% of entries at A*- A



90% of entries at A*- B

Outstanding Results and Diverse destinations

We are proud of the outstanding results our girls achieve in public examinations and the diverse range of Higher Education choices they select.

University Destinations 2023



Secured their first choice University



Going to Russell Group, UK Top 10 or world-leading international universities



Studying STEM related courses

  • Higher Education Destinations in the last 3 years

    Aberystwyth University: Computer Science

    Anglia Ruskin University: Medicine

    BIMM: Music Production

    City, University of London: Optometry, Anthropology

    California Institute of Technology (Caltech): Computer Science

    Camberwell College of Arts|UAL: Art Foundation

    Cardiff Metropolitan University: Product Design

    Cardiff University: Business Management (Marketing) with a Professional Placement, Politics

    Central St Martins|UAL: Art Foundation

    Courtauld Institute of Art: History of Art

    Durham University: Mathematics, Architecture, Natural Sciences

    Imperial College London: Mathematics, Medicine, Design Engineering, Physics, Medical Biosciences

    King’s College London: Biomedical Science, Neuroscience and Psychology, Philosophy, Politics and Economics

    Leeds School of Art: Art Foundation

    London School of Economics: Politics and Economics, Psychological and Behavioural Science, International Relations

    London Studio Centre: Dance

    Loughborough University: Product Design, Engineering, Natural Sciences with a Foundation Year

    Manchester Metropolitan University: Psychology, Foundation Year Politics

    Newcastle University: Mathematics and Economics, Linguistics with Spanish, Politics and Sociology, Linguistics with French, Mechanical Engineering, English Literature, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

    Queen Mary University of London: Medicine, Global Law

    Queen’s University Belfast: International Business with Spanish

    Royal Holloway, University of London: Economics, Economics and Management

    SOAS University of London: Economics and Chinese

    Trinity College Dublin: History

    The University of Edinburgh: Chinese, History of Art, English Literature, Social Anthropology

    UCL: Mathematics, Economics and Business with East European Studies, History and Politics of the Americas, Russian and Spanish, Spanish with Film Studies

    University of Bath: Physics, Psychology, Sports, Science, Economics, Politics and International Relations, Biology, Chemistry

    University of Birmingham: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Law, Business Management

    University of Brighton: Architecture

    University of Bristol: Physics, Geography Law Criminology, Theatre with Innovation, Medicine, Economics and Management with Study Abroad, Classics, Philosophy

    University of Cambridge: Geography, Classics, Medicine, Modern and Medieval Languages, Computer Science, Music, Economics

    University of Dundee: Biomedical Engineering

    University of East Anglia: Medicine, Economics

    University of Edinburgh: Medicine, Economics with Management Science, English Literature

    University of Exeter: Psychology, Drama and Film & Television Studies, Geography with Study Abroad, Geography (Science)

    University of Glasgow: History

    University of Leeds: International Business and Marketing, Philosophy, Social and Political Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Geography

    University of Liverpool: Psychology

    University of Manchester: German and Japanese, Mathematics and Physics, Medicine, English Literature, French and Spanish, Biology, English Language, Psychology

    University of Nottingham: Environmental Science, Sociology, Veterinary Medicine, Finance, Accounting and Management, Spanish and International Media and Communications Studies

    University of Oxford: Chemistry, Medicine, Law, Mathematics, Classics, Philosophy and Linguistics

    University of Reading: Modern Languages and Economics

    University of Sheffield: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering

    University of Southampton: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Archaeology and Anthropology, Biomedical Sciences

    University of St Andrews: Mathematics, Evolutionary Biology

    University of Sussex: Politics and International Relations, Drama, Theatre and Performance

    University of Warwick: History and Politics, English and Italian

    University of York: Music, English