Get involved

We are a charity run by the parents and our purpose is to foster a sense of NHEHS family and to promote partnership between parents and the School. There are lots of fun ways to get involved.


The school is always grateful to have the support from our parent body, whether it is help with our career programme, support for our charitable and fundraising endeavours or a chance to meet other parents socially.

The Parents’ Guild supports the School in a number of ways, including:

Helping to make parents and guardians feel part of the NHEHS school community through arranging and promoting social events that bring parents and school staff together

Raising funds to support the Bursary programme and for legacy items that will directly benefit our girls

Closely working with the School Careers Team to curate an annual careers event and to build links for networking events, mock interviews and work experience.

We have a social and fundraising committee and a careers committee which are led by the Chair of the Parents’ Guild. We hold a number of social events that bring parents and school staff together and raise funds for items that directly benefit our students. We support the school’s vision to grow the number of bursaries available in the school and our parents provide invaluable expertise across our careers programme.

So, if you have time to spare and would like to play a part in our many social activities, or lend a hand at any point in the year, we would love to hear from you.

Please do get in touch, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Email

A new way you can support

The Parents’ Guild have developed a new initiative our preloved uniform site – 

You can buy preloved uniform and help the NHEHS community achieve its sustainability goals. All proceeds are donated to the NHEHS community bursary fund or used to purchase legacy items for the school.


The Parents Guild raises funds that directly benefit the pupils, as well as supporting our vision to increase the number of bursary places we can offer. From indoor cricket nets to iPads to microscopes to sound desks, have a look at some of the ‘extras’ parents of the school have helped to fund.

  • Indoor cricket nets
  • New microscopes for science labs
  • Sound and light mixing desk
  • VR Headsets