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“Across NHEHS, we offer exceptional educational opportunities for girls of all ages, from Reception through to Sixth Form. All girls, whatever their age, benefit from our ‘no either-or’ ethos, where academic ambition happily coexists with a supportive and empowering atmosphere.”

Ms K Bevan

Head of Junior School

Stimulating young minds

As they join our Junior School, we help young girls to fall in love with learning. We build on their natural curiosity and interests, through a carefully balanced programme of structured learning alongside creative exploration. Skilful guidance and exposure to a broad range of thought-provoking experiences enable our girls to thrive and excel.

Our integrated curriculum encourages young minds to look at a given topic from multiple viewpoints. As teachers, we know this leads to deeper understanding and prepares children for their future, but for the girls it simply means being immersed in a topic and the joy of becoming experts. This approach is complemented by specialist teaching in Science, Music, Sport and Languages, often in bespoke spaces within the Junior and Senior Schools.

Creating a warm, friendly culture

We pride ourselves on building the foundations that are central to an enjoyable and successful life in school, and beyond. When children are happy, confident and excited by challenges, they can make the most of the opportunities available to them and achieve their potential. It is why we put so much effort into creating a warm, supportive and friendly culture. Our girls literally skip into school, happy to be here and keen to see what the day will bring.

We help them to articulate their own ideas in an encouraging setting, where kindness to others is expected and highly valued. This creates a culture where girls feel safe to express themselves and explore ideas together. It builds an even deeper love of learning, and better understanding of people, as well as subjects.

“Pupils develop high levels of self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, and resilience.”

Adding breadth and depth

Beyond a wide-ranging timetable, we offer a vast array of in-school and after-school clubs. These add to the breadth of experiences that girls can sample during their time with us.

By the time girls move up to the Senior School, their love of learning has become part of who they are. And part of who they will be next.

I look forward to welcoming you at one of our Open Days.

—Ms K Bevan
Head of Junior School

Our New Junior School

In Autumn 2023, we are hoping to unveil a completely new builidng for our Junior School students. This inspiring design will provide a state of the art learning environment for our Junior girls as they begin their education with us, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and significantly enhanced landscaping to enable external play and exploration.

Junior School, Year 6

“NHEHS is a big home, full of friends and my second family. It means a place where we can have fun, learn and laugh.”

Junior School, Year 6

“One of the most important things I have learned is how to make friends and speak out loud as that used to be a small fear of mine.”

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