What really sets our Junior School apart is its buzz and community of lively, happy, confident girls. From the moment our students enter our Junior school, aged 4, to the day they move to our Senior school aged 11, they experience a world of intrigue, challenge, surprise and wonder.

Ours is a friendly, close-knit community and through our RISE programme, we aim to teach our girls a philosophy by which to live, based around the importance of treating each other with respect, kindness, listening to the opinions and feelings of others and valuing everyone’s contribution.

“Pupils’ moral understanding and responsibility for their own behaviour is excellent.”

Building confidence and empowering our girls to take risks, starts early.

From day one, our girls are taught to Rise with an aspiration to become `Learning Warriors’ – a concept designed to generate a positive mind-set self-belief. As they demonstrate key attributes, be this collaboration or resilience, they earn fairy wings or colourful feathers (in the younger years) advancing to more sophisticated expressions in their upper years.

As they enter Years 5 and 6, RISE allows them to develop confidence and independence through taking on responsibilities such as being a `Playground Pal’, leading their House team, serving as an elected representative on one of a number of councils, or taking a lead role in a House Huddle.

An Extensive PSHE Programme with weekly timetabled lessons, covers issues such as mental health, wellbeing, understanding and regulating emotions. Everyone is encouraged to have an outward looking perspective and our girls actively get involved in charitable causes.

We know that self esteem, confidence, and being happy at school are keys to academic success.

All members of the school community work towards making sure your daughter will flourish here. Class teachers play a crucial role in the day to day happiness of our girls as well as their academic development. They know the girls in their class the best and in turn the girls know their teachers, and feel comfortable talking to them about any concerns or difficulties they are having. By the time your daughter finishes her time in Junior School, she will rise into senior school with confidence and strong community values of friendship, kindness and respect. Importantly, she will have really enjoyed her time at school.

“…pupils develop high levels of self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, and resilience because they are encouraged to.”