“This is a school where pastoral care is prioritised as much as academic drive.”

Notting Hill & Ealing High School provides a particularly warm and supportive environment where we put the happiness and wellbeing of our students at the centre of everything we do. 

We want our students to be confident, emotionally resilient, to live authentic, full lives. We want them to take advantage of all that life offers, to be comfortable with themselves and tolerant and supportive of others.

These aims are delivered through our RISE programme which is led by our Senior Deputy Head Pastoral. An extensive PSHCEE curriculum helps our students to understand and express their feelings so that they learn to be confident in their individuality.

Initiatives at key developmental milestones help to develop their outward-looking perspective and ability to navigate through life at school and in the future. A clear pathway of support, ensuring that every student is aware of all the people they can talk to, underlies RISE and supports our students through their teenage years.

“Pupils develop excellent self-awareness, confidence and resilience: they know their strengths and weaknesses and are well-prepared for the next stage of their lives.”

Our extensive PSHCEE programme, which runs from Year 7 all the way to the Sixth Form, educates and raises awareness of topics such as mental and physical health, body image, diversity and inclusion, sex and relationships education (SRE), friendships, `being different’, drugs, alcohol, social media and online safety.

These lessons take place in an open environment for discussion. This is supported by a programme of parent talks which covers topics as varied as managing anxiety, self-harm and perfectionism, to how best to offer study support and digital awareness.

As a member of the GDST family, parents also have access to ‘Raise Her Up’, an engaging podcast highlighting key issues teenagers and their parents are dealing with today.

They can also access ‘The Wellbeing Hub’, which is an online platform that offers resources, webinars and contact recommendations to support students’ wellbeing and inspire them to adopt positive strategies for their next chapter in life.

  • Beginning to RISE: Settling into Year 7

    For all those joining our Senior School and those moving up from our Junior School, the transition into Year 7 begins in the Summer term before school officially starts in September. A fun filled morning of activities is organised and provides the opportunity for each student to meet their new Form group, classmates and tutors, and their House is revealed. They will hear about the memorable House Challenges and the infamous House Shout which happens each year as well as various other Notting Hill & Ealing High School traditions.

    In that Summer term, parents are also invited into school with their daughters, where they will have the opportunity to meet their daughters’ Form tutors, as well as other parents.

    An induction day then takes place in September, when on the first day of term, our new Year 7 students are introduced to, and have lunch with their Year 12 Big Sisters, and practise their orienteering skills in a treasure hunt around the school enabling familiarity. Early in this term, they will also have the chance to spend a day at an Outdoor Activity Centre for a day of activities and bonding with their new friends.

    When they join us in Year 7, they are also given their very own Notting Hill & Ealing High School journal recording thoughts, moments, aspirations as they rise through their time in Senior School. This will become an important keepsake of their time at school, showing just how much they will have developed through these important years.

  • Big Sisters

    Each year 7 is allocated a ‘Big Sister’ from the Sixth Form. Termly activities are arranged during form time throughout the year allowing the opportunity to talk and feel connected. They have a myriad of events also help our older and younger girls connect: Talent shows, House University Challenges and the now, infamous, Christmas Room Decorating Competition.

As our students rise up through the school from Year 7 to Sixth Form – there is a calendar of activities and several interesting initiatives in which they can participate – some of these are highlighted below:

  • The Lived Well Challenge – Year 9

    In Year 9, our students are offered the chance to complete the Lived Well Challenge. A fun challenge, which can be completed through the year, it aims to encourage the exploration of personal passions and interests. 

  • Enrichment Afternoons – Year 10/11

    Broadening their perspective helps our students manage their emotions and handle challenges that they are faced with, whether social media, friendships, puberty or feelings of perfectionism and the temptation to opt out. Our students are actively involved in volunteering projects, fortnightly fundraisers for causes they identify, or reading schemes with local schools.

    Years 10 and 11 also have the opportunity to participate in community projects on Tuesday afternoons, whether singing in care homes, litter picking or one of the many volunteering projects with the local area.

  • The World Ready Programme – Year 12

    The ‘World Ready Programme’ is for our Sixth Form. Through a series of fun focused sessions, the aim is to provide our students with the opportunity to look toward the future with confidence, encouraging them to be excited for what comes next. As well discussing topics such as Finance, Travelling & working Abroad, Workplace Rights, students participate in a short 4 week practical course (they can choose from self-defence, bike skills, healthy cooking, sign language or sustainable fashion).

    At its core, World Ready, offers a time to focus on raising their awareness and skills to embrace the next stage of their lives once they leave school.