Our students are caring and compassionate, they want to make a difference.

Volunteering with sunflowers at pitshanger park

Charities and volunteering play a big part in everyday student life at NHEHS. From thinking up innovative and fun activities (often involving teacher participation) to fundraise for their chosen year group charities, to supporting the school’s two main local charities, through to regular volunteering in the local area, students are encouraged to be philanthropic both here at school and beyond. Participation in charitable and volunteering activities encourages students to have a positive impact within their local community, have a greater appreciation of their own circumstances and increase their self-esteem.

They also develop empathy for those living in different circumstances around the world and nearer to home. Those who participate in charitable and volunteering work at a young age continue to be engaged in this area as adults, adopting this principle as a lifestyle model.


Raised in 2021/22.


Activities from litter picking to singing in Care Homes


Charities selected by our students

Local charities

Each year group get to choose a cause that matters to them.

We are proud to support our two principal charities, The Log Cabin and The Harrow Club. Students, staff and their families get involved with a number of fundraising initiatives for these local charities, including taking part in the Ealing Half Marathon and Mini Mile, community film evenings, dress up days, sponsored challenges, tech collection drives and more.

Year 10 students also host an annual Summer Party for children from The Log Cabin, while there are opportunities for Sixth Formers to help out at the Harrow Club.


All students are also encouraged to participate in volunteering activities. From Year 7 these can range from card making for care homes, crocheting tasks and family friendly activities. For older year groups, there is a variety of independent placements as well as volunteer roles as primary school helpers, park ranger work and care home choirs.

In Year 10 and 11, all students have an enrichment lesson where they can participate in a selection of group or independent volunteering tasks.

“Pupils have extremely high levels of moral and ethical awareness.”

ISI Report 2022

Taking the lead

Charity reps and the Humanitarian leads also have valuable roles in the school. They encourage their fellow students to take part in events and contribute towards projects that inspire them.

They also highlight and work towards solving issues of inequality and injustice, allowing them to highlight causes they feel passionate about. Student reviews of all events are shared in the regular school charity newsletter.


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