Leadership and responsibility are at the heart of Sixth Form life.


Our Sixth Form students play a major role in running the school, you will have limitless opportunities to take the lead and you will become an important role model in our vibrant community. 

You could put yourself forward to join the Head Girls’ team or bring your dedication to the role of Sports Captain. If the arts are your passion, then you can curate an exhibition or direct or lead in a school play. Why not become a Subject Representative in Year 12 and lead on events such as Science Week or organise the Languages Film Evenings. 

Clubs and Societies

Our Sixth Formers run many clubs and societies for the younger students and develop conferences with expert speakers, they also run the Tuesday Lecture series to explore academic ideas. You may wish to edit the school magazine or instigate a fundraising campaign for a cause that matters to you. Whatever you are interested in and at every step in your time at Sixth Form, we will encourage you to innovate and lead. 

Volunteering and Charities

Volunteering is a core part of life in the Sixth Form with many students taking part in community service throughout their school years. In the Sixth Form you get to decide which charities and how you want to volunteer. Whether that is volunteering in a care home, creating an event to raise funds, or giving your time to support our local primary schools. Much of this activity involves the wider community and our students leave school as active, responsible citizens who care for those around them.