Our Students aspire and achieve results that are a true reflection of their potential.

Lively scholarship fills the Sixth Form at NHEHS as students specialise in the subjects that interest and inspire them. We aim to foster a lifelong love of learning and to equip you for the next stage of your academic journey.

At NHEHS we currently offer 26 subjects at A Level and students usually undertake three or four A Level subjects, with the optimum number varying depending on the student to find the right balance between academic rigour and co-curricular interests.

Extended Project Qualification

At NHEHS many students in Year 12 study for an EPQ alongside their A-level choices. This year-long independent research project gives individuals the freedom to pursue their own interests, with the support of an academic mentor and dedicated research skills teaching. The EPQ empowers students to embrace the demands of independent study, allowing them to become experts in their areas of interest, and as a result is highly valued by universities.

Short Courses

Taking an additional Short Course is a great way to explore a new subject alongside your A Levels.

  • Italian

    If you enjoyed Spanish, French or Latin at IGCSE, why not study now the most romantic of all Romance idioms? Italian is not only the language of 70 million inhabitants of the Belpaese, but also the fourth most studied language in the world. 

    What is the secret of this success? Besides the beauty of its melodic sound, rich with vowels, and its close connection with art, music, cinema and culture in general, Italian is also a useful language for pursuing careers in music, fashion and tourism. 

    The Italian Short Course is offered to students of the first year of Sixth Form and taught by a native Italian teacher. It addresses the classic topics of basic communication (family, friends, travels etc.) through the study of authentic “made in Italy” resources such as films, songs, and literature. During the year, extra-curricular opportunities are also provided, such as collaborations with students of other schools, cooking lessons or trips.

    Finally, the course also aims to prepare the students for sitting the CILS A2 exam of Italian proficiency in May. This qualification is internationally recognised and can be an excellent addition to UCAS applications.

  • Business Management, Leadership and Enterprise

    This course, designed in collaboration with Dr Suzanne Pollack at Henley Business School, will provide a practical introduction to business management and leadership. On the business management side, you will develop your understanding of how businesses operate, including basic principles of accounting and operational structures. On the leadership side, you will learn how to apply contemporary theories of effective leadership to your own practice. The course will consist of a double period a week of taught content, a double period of innovative self-guided learning, and will also support you through an enterprise challenge. Take a look at leaflet to find out more.

  • Photography

    This practically focused course is designed to improve camera skills, boost confidence both creatively and technically, explore different types of photography and begin to establish your own unique style of work. The aim is to develop knowledge, creativity and technical skills in the practice of photography including the use of darkrooms, to ensure you can take great photographs even in the most challenging situations. Projects include contributing to the school’s numerous magazines and participating in an end-of-year exhibition which will give you the opportunity to showcase your work to others.