Excellent A Level results are standard but our Sixth Form will make you stand out…

Dr Richard Pearce

Head of Sixth

Welcome from Dr Pearce

We think of our Sixth Form as a community of imaginative adults, with views that count – don’t take our word for it, take a look at our video above and also the behind the scenes film made by our students.

When you join our Sixth Form, you’ll be encouraged to shape your studies and other activities around the passions and interests that excite you. Within this stimulating environment, our dedicated team of Sixth Form Tutors will support you to achieve your personal best, as defined by you.

Academic results undeniably matter in the Sixth Form. They open doors to the University or the career of your choice, shaping key aspects of your life after school.

Beyond the day-to-day, you’ll be making some big decisions about where to study next. There is a wealth of support and guidance from our highly experienced and knowledgeable team who deliver our bespoke programme of Higher Education. Whether you are making an application to a UK institution or internationally, our team of experts will be there to guide you every step of the way. Above all, we’ll listen to your views, especially regarding the school, and how it is run. We think of our Sixth Form as a community of imaginative adults, with views that count.

I look forward to welcoming you to this very special place.

—Dr Richard Pearce, Head of Sixth Form

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One sixth, three parts, infinite options.


We’ll support you as you aspire to achieve great academic results.

The Sixth Form community and our network of experts and advisors will all support you in your academic ambitions and goals. We will work with you, as you design and shape an academic journey that will suit you, stimulate you, stretch you and reward you. So that you can achieve the results and fulfilment that you aspire to.

We will encourage you to raise the bar.


We’ll encourage you to explore your interests beyond the curriculum.

We will bring out the adventurer in you, supporting you as you try out new activities and play around with new concepts and ideas. We’ll enrich your Sixth Form experience in ways that you haven’t necessarily thought of yet. We’ll help you to uncover hidden talents and new sides to yourself. We’ll help you to redefine who you are, by trying out new ways to be you.

We will encourage you to try out new experiences.


We’ll help you to connect with the wider community.

We will encourage you to support others – of all ages – within the school, contributing to the kindness and warmth that permeates this special place. We’ll help you to ‘give back’ via volunteering and other initiatives, and we will link you up to people and institutions able to help you to develop and grow.

We will connect you to experiences that will broaden your perspective.