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"Virtually every parent would say they want their daughter to develop into a happy and confident young woman. At Notting Hill and Ealing they make it happen."

- Good Schools Guide

“Pupils are highly motivated to succeed and are exceptionally focused in their attitudes to learning.”

- ISI 2022

"We believe that Sixth Form should be the most interesting, enriching and academically demanding years of your school life. Each year, pupils join us with the intellectual spark and curiosity to take advantage of everything NHEHS has to offer, and leave with the drive and determination for their next adventure."

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Junior School

4+ Reception - 20.10.2023
7+ Year 3 - 08.12.2023

Senior School

11+ - 10.11.2023

Sixth Form


“Pupils are highly motivated to succeed and are exceptionally focused in their attitudes to learning.”

- ISI 2022

"We believe that being part of a community matters, it involves reaching out to volunteer, raising funds for causes we care about, and sharing our spaces to build meaningful relationships. These collaborations are mutually enriching and enable our students to create connections beyond the school gates."

- Mr Matthew Shoults, Headmaster

NHEHS Charities Raise Over £17,000+ in 2022/23

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported all our charities and volunteering initiatives in 2022/23. We couldn’t do it without you! We are delighted to announce that we have raised over £17,000 this academic year!

The last three weeks have been very busy on all fronts!   On the 13th June, Amnesty Club participated in their second major fundraising activity of the year. We walked from school to Richmond having obtained £1307.00 in sponsorship! The money raised is going towards a movement that Amnesty International is campaigning for against the death penalty in Iran. Read more here.

On Friday 23rd June the whole of Years 7 and 12 took part in a sponsored walk in Pitshanger Park to fundraise for The Log Cabin. Big Sisters worked together with their Little Sisters to coordinate outfits, team names and to see how many laps they could complete together. Despite the warm weather, many laps were completed by each group. Everyone returned to the coolness of the Recital Hall for a well deserved rest and refreshments. Well done to everyone for taking part and for the £820 raised for the invaluable work of the Log Cabin. The winners of the best dressed and most collaborative teams as well as the most laps completed will be announced in the final assembly.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the recent school book drive in the Junior and Senior school. A lovely array of books were donated to the work of the Children’s Book Project and some of the children living in the Hotel supported by Care 4 Calais in Hayes. In the age of Kindles many children still really appreciate a paper book to own and read. Your donations have helped to make this possible.

Thank you also for your donations of flannels, knickers, soaps and money towards the word of Days for Girls. Once again the charity was very appreciative of all the donations given and the work of the Year 10s in preparing the packs. It was really encouraging to hear from Mrs Troy in assembly about the huge impact of last year’s donations went and plans for what will happen to this year’s donations too.

During Year 10 enrichment week, Wednesday afternoon was spent working on volunteering activities. The year group was divided into 8 groups and worked on the following tasks: Helping to prepare the sanitary packs for Days for Girls, packing old textbooks for Books 2 Africa, singing at St David’s care home, Crafts at Downhurst care home, assisting the park ranger in Montpelier park, assisting the art department with the school Christmas card, setting up for the Log Cabin party and putting on a play for the children of the Log Cabin. Each organisation was very appreciative of the help offered by the Year 10 students.

Our Year 10 enrichment group held a little party for the residents of St David’s in their garden last week. The residents enjoyed chatting to and joining in with craft activities with our students. Everyone joined in with the singing at the end. This is our second year of holding the garden party and we hope it will become an annual event.

This week a group of Year 9, 10 and 12 students made a return visit to the hotel in Hayes supported by Care 4 Calais. This time we had all the crafts cut out in preparation for the many children who wanted to join in as well as plenty of spares! Some of the children recognised the group from last time and were pleased to see everyone again. The children enjoyed joining in with the crafts and games, especially the return of pass the parcel! We hope to visit the hotel once a half term next year.

Finally a big thank you to all the students and staff who continued to fundraise at Hillfest this year. Mrs Duns, Ms Gamberini and the Year 9 students sold nearly all their Beanie Babies raising a further £522 for Brainstrust. This brings the total to £1,217! The Amnesty Club continued to raise awareness of the Freedom’ campaign against the death penalty in Iran. Through their tasty bakes and henna decorating they raised more money for their cause.



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