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“Pupils are highly motivated to succeed and are exceptionally focused in their attitudes to learning.”

- ISI 2022

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WW3 Status: Pending

Following a PRE lesson on ‘Just War,’ Year 10 Journalist Leader Tara was inspired to put pen to paper and voice her opinions.

By Tara Al-Haddad, Year 10 Journalist Leader 

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics – a subject we all learn at high school. It’s the most controversial subject one can talk about: a senior subject that most children learn about is the most contentious topic of all time. In fact, the world’s greatest flaws are simply repercussions of such debates. Now, the world is complicated. There were around 95 million deaths from the two world wars. And World War III was right around the corner, but could the human race and religion really be what sparked it?

A disappointing start to the decade was witnessed during the Australian bushfires, which brought the population of many species to a minimum, and their habitats to a land of ash. The increasing levels of carbon dioxide gas have also been a dangerous threat to our world’s global warming rate, initiating more ecological arguments about preserving our environment.

On January 3rd of last year, Persian military officer and major general Qasem Soleimani, was assassinated by the United States Air Force. This US airstrike was immoral and unlawful, which understandably angered many Iranian citizens. The drone strike orchestrated by the president at the time, Donald John Trump, took place at Baghdad International Airport. Not only was Iran’s top security and intelligence commander killed, but 4 other Iranian and Iraqi nationals also fell victim to the late night drone strike. Many of Iran’s citizens viewed this attack as America’s declaration of war, and were ready to fight back. This major homicide of 5 military generals, was a staggering hit for Iran at a time of geopolitical conflict. Due to this, Iran had then sworn ‘harsh revenge’ and promised to ‘turn day into night,’ which provoked the United States, giving them reason to furthermore attack Iran. As an act of defense, Iran authorised automatic missile systems at their airports. So, on January 11th, a Ukrainian civilian passenger plane with 167 passengers, was unintentionally shot down.

Nonetheless, Iran still has an ongoing disagreement with Israel regarding warfare across the Middle East. After years of signing the Treaty, Iran is determined to restart its nuclear program, concerning Israel with Iran’s newfound power to strike at any time. Israel could then have chosen to engage in wider strikes, aiming at the Iranian Homeland directly. This form of violence could have broader implications as it introduces a threat to global oil supplies, which would inevitably involve more nations.

It can’t be said that the US and North Korea are getting along just well, either. President Trump’s administration had hopes for a deal with North Korea to improve its November electoral prospects. But the chances that North Korea considers this deal is slim to none.

Meanwhile, Israel and Palestine have their own historical conflict that seems to worsen with time. In May, a year later, it is brought to light on the last Friday of Ramadan 2021, that Israel is inclined to start a battle. This ongoing violent struggle has ended many innocent Palestinians’ lives, whether it be a 5-year-old, or a 50-year-old. This conflict doesn’t follow the rules of a Just War. It has displaced, destroyed and dispatched many families, and homes. Israel has coordinated multiple airstrikes, shootings, and bombings and there are many more strikes to come, no doubt. This 74 year riddle has proven to be more than an argument, and considerably a bigger reason for the occurrence of World War Three due to philosophical, religious, and ethical reasons. 

However, equally on some grounds the conflicts might seem to meet the Just War criteria for example, some were initiated by a proper authority and perhaps these conflicts simply serve to highlight the injustices of war.



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